I gradtuated in 1986, earning a BFA from Damascus Univerisity faculty of fine arts. I subsequantly spent two years as an illustrator and arts teacher in Abu Dhabi based cultural center. Since 1992 i am working as an arts teacher in Sweden where i live.

My interest in art arrived early,as my drawing in school provided attention from my classmates, but it was my father who encouraged my drawing. At the age of 20 i realized painting was something i must do. Since then, i have participated in dozens of shows, both group and solo.I uses oil, pencil, and watercolor to create my pieces.

My paintings and I are one and the same. We both have the same intentions. To touch the world ever so gently with universal truths as to shed a bit more light onto the interconnectiveness between us all. To achieve such a goal it is imperative that my paintings are pleasing to the eye and to the mind. Keeping in mind that not all universal truths are serious, some are whimsical.

My paintings are meant to be seen, not in some back woods coffee shop, but in the living areas of us all. The places we find ourselves yearning for that feeling of connection as well as those places we find ourselves in touch with others best.
Although the subjects of the paintings are recognizable, you will quickly notice that they are far from still lifes. I feel if given enough time anyone can reproduce what they see, I find joy in painting how I remember something in my mind. As with Plato's "World of Forms" I find that my mind remembers things in their perfect form, and that is exactly how I paint them. Not exactly real and not exactly surreal.

In summary, I strive to create unity in my paintings. My images speak of psychological and spiritual completion. I find comfort in the fact that we are all more alike than different.

I am passionate about colors and fascinated by the effect they have on the eye and the emotions.

Suleiman M. Bekit